Linda Joy Benn is Intuitive Practitioner and Spiritual Coach.

Linda empowers her clients to create & achieve their desired outcome with ease and grace. She has a unique gift to shift energy blocks in their body & mind and quickly identify the root cause of a problem to transform into miracles.

Linda’s background in body energy work for several years, specializing in othopedic has equipped her well with helping others to shift blocks in the body and mind. Other tools Linda may use in the healing transformation for others is Pellowah Healing, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, holistic coaching, energy work-on and off the body, Ortho-Bionomy technique and Facial Harmony.

Linda travels throughout Australia and the United States sharing her high energy and unique passion to inspire and empower others to tap into their own personal uniqueness.


Do you feel Stressed? Tired? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Pain or Illness in your body? 

You will walk away with powerful yet easy ways to reduce stress, tension in your mind and body. Be relaxed, calm, balanced, harmonious every day even in chaotic situations or circumstances. Stress is hurting you and taking away your joy in life. Listen to the recording below and experience a powerful heart energy exercise. Find out how to stay calm, balanced, peaceful, stress free, harmonious and energetic. You will learn more insights in Linda’s workshop or a private session or customized support programs.

Linda Joy Benn   “Live Stress Free, Increase Your Energy and Make Your Inner Light Shine


How would your life change if you could live with less stress?  Learn how to re calibrate your internal GPS to create a greater abundance of time, love, joy and health.  Learn to eliminate needless worry and energize yourself with Linda Benn’s  “No Worries Mate” philosophy.

Linda’s clinic locations

San Rafael – 503 D St. Suite 7. San Rafael CA

Petaluma – 1476 Professional Drive. Suite 503. Petaluma CA


What people have to say about Linda’s work:

“The first time I met Linda I was taken back by the positive and loving energy radiating from her. It was such a warm and wonderful sensation. I had never experienced such a feeling when first meeting someone and have never experienced it since meeting Linda.” Di Aiken-Process Specialist. Brisbane Qld

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